• All children 7 years old and under must have an adult in the water, within arms reach of them.
  • Anyone who would like to observe their child swimming may do so from the balcony.
  • We do not allow outdoor shoes in our locker rooms, please bring water shoes or flip flops!
  • We do not provide locks for the lockers but you are welcome to bring one.

    Winter/Spring 2018

    CLICK HERE FOR THE JULY SCHEDULE - The pool will be open July 3-31st. We will be closed for the month of August.

    We will be closed Monday, May 21 for Victoria Day.

    For the months of May and June, additional PUBLIC SWIMS will be taking place at the following times:
    May 23: 4pm-5pm
    May 29: 5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
    May 30:5pm-6pm
    May 31:4pm-5pm
    June 4:4pm-5pm
    June 5:5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
    June 6:5pm-6pm
    June 7:4pm-5pm
    June 11: 5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
    June 12:5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
    June 13:5pm-6pm
    June 14:5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
    June 18:5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
    June 19:5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm
    June 20:5pm-6pm
    June 21:5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm

    For the months of May and June, additional ADULT SWIMS will be taking place at the following times:
    May 23: 7pm-8pm
    May 29: 7pm-8pm
    May 30:7pm-8pm
    June 5:7pm-8pm
    June 6:7pm-8pm
    June 11: 7pm-8pm
    June 12:7pm-8pm
    June 13:7pm-8pm
    June 14:7pm-8pm
    June 18:7pm-8pm
    June 19:7pm-8pm
    June 20:7pm-8pm
    June 21:8pm-9pm
    2018 Winter/Spring Schedule

    9am-10amSeniorSeniorSeniorSeniorSeniorParent and Tot 8:55am - 9:25am/Swimming lessons (*See times below)Masters
    10am-11amPrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivateSwimming Lessons (*See times below)
    11am-12pmPrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivateSwimming Lessons (*See times below)Dorados
    12pm-1pmAdultAdultAdultAdultAdultPublic (12-12:45)Adult
    1pm-2pmPublic**Public**Breton Ability CentrePublic**Public**Swimming Lessons (*See times below)Public
    PrivatePrivateSwimming Lessons/Parent and Tot(*See times below)Public
    PrivatePrivatePrivateBirthday Party RentalWater Aerobics
    4pm-5pmPublicSwimming Lessons(*See times below)PublicPublicSwimming Lessons (*See times below)Birthday Party RentalBirthday Party Rental
    5pm-6pmDoradosSwimming Lessons(*See times below)DoradosDoradosSwimming Lessons (*See times below)Birthday Party RentalBirthday Party Rental
    6pm-7pmDoradosSwimming Lessons(*See times below)PrivateDoradosSwimming Lessons (*See times below)ClosedClosed
    Swimming Lessons(*See times below)
    Water AerobicsPublic
    Swimming Lessons(*See times below)ClosedClosed
    9pm-10pmAdultMasters (8-9:30)ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed

    ** = The 1-2pm Public swim on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are subject to change pending school group bookings. Please phone the pool to make sure the swim is still on at (902) 564-4501.

    Schedule is subject to change - Last updated March 2, 2018

    Swimming Lessons: Spring 2018
    -Lessons run for 8 weeks.

    Parent and Tot lessons (30 min): $95
    Swim Program 1 child: $125
    Swim Program 2 children: $210

    Tuesdays – Start date: April 3, 2018

    Fridays – Start date: April 6, 2018

    Saturdays – Start date: April 7, 2018
    8:55-9:25am - Parent and Tot
    1:40-2:25pm - Regular lessons and Rookie, Ranger, Star, Bronze Star
    2:30-3:00pm - Parent and Tot