Welcome to the Kiwanis Pool!

Please note: Any child under 7 must have an adult in the pool within arms reach. There will be no exceptions to this rule, and anyone watching is asked to do so from our balcony.
No outdoor shoes are permitted in our locker rooms, please bring flip flops or water shoes with you. We do not provide locks for the lockers.

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Closed for Renovations December 2015 and January 2016
Kiwanis pool will be closed during December 2015 and January 2016 due to renovations. Pending renovation completion, registration for the Red Cross Children's Learn to Swim winter session will be held on January 18, 19, 20, and 21st from 10am until 6pm, January 22nd from 9am to 5pm, January 25, 26, 27 and 28th from 10am until 6pm and January 29th from 9am until 5pm. Please feel free to contact the pool at any time for a message update during the last two weeks of January. Phone: 902-564-4501.

We appreciate your patience and support while we are renovating. If the renovations are complete we are hoping to open February 1st.

Tile Fundraiser - We are now set up to accept PayPal Donations!
We have begun selling tiles which will be made into a beautiful wall display. In exchange for a donation ranging from $50-$1000, we will add text of your choice to one of the tiles. Some people are having tiles made in memory of loved ones, while others prefer to have their name printed. Click here to view sample tiles

If you would like to purchase a tile, you can click here to see samples and learn more about donating through PayPal, or stop in to the pool to donate in cash or by cheque. Cheques are also accepted via mail. For more information, please phone the pool at (902) 564-4501.

Listed below are the times for the Children's learn to swim.



8:55-9:25am - Parent and Tot
1:40-2:25pm - Regular lessons and Rookie, Ranger, Star, Bronze Star
2:30-3:00pm - Parent and Tot